If you are thinking about listing the greatest baseball players of all time, what would be the criteria to make this decision? Most people would think statistics are at the top. Other people might consider each players special achievements as well as contributions to the game. Most likely most of the people you consider will be in the Hall of Fame.

There is no doubt that Jackie Robinson deserves to be on the list. Aside from winning the Most Valuable Player award Robinson helped the Brooklyn Dodgers to win six National League pennants. The list certainly should include Lou Gehrig. He was nicknamed “The Iron Horse.” He played consecutively in 2130 game. He helped the New York Yankees to win six titles in 13 years.

The list would not be complete without the name of Babe Ruth added. He played baseball beginning in 1914. His career ended in 1935. Ruth was an outfielder as well as a left-handed pitcher. He hit his first home run on April 18, 1923 in Yankee Stadium. Ruth was known as “The Sultan of Swat.” He was the first major hitter in baseball making him a celebrity. During his career he helped the Yankees to win seven AL pennants along with four World Series championships.

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