Baseball has been and still is, America’s favorite past-time. Many people love nothing more than going to the ballpark and seeing their favorite team, taking it all in. Including batting practice and warm-ups, all the way to the last pitch.

Baseball has been around a long time in the United States. It has a lot of history rooted in it, and a lot of historical events centered around baseball. Many baseball players actually stopped playing baseball during WW2, to fight overseas. Then, coming back to resume their careers. Not only that, but in the fight for racial equality, baseball was on the front lines in a lot of ways.

Many children, the first sport they play is baseball. In fact, many kids play catch with their fathers in the back yards across the United States. Not only that, the price of admission to see a baseball game in many cities, is lower than going to the local movie theater. It is very accessible for the average family.

Because of the roots of baseball in the history of the United States, and the rich history of baseball itself, it has become and will remain America’s favorite past-time for many years to come.

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