Enjoying a baseball game with friends and family is an enjoyable experience. Many people of course enjoy peanuts and cracker jacks, as well as hot dogs and beer. But their are healthy alternatives to the typical snack had at a baseball game.

Though peanuts are not a bad place to start. But, making sure they are un-salted is a good step, as some peanuts come with too much salt, which can aggravate hypertension. An orange can be a great healthy snack for a kid as it is packed with vitamin C. But at a baseball game, that may be a little messy.

Instead of ice cream, a granola bar is a much healthier alternative. Granola bars usually have a lot of fruits mixed in, as well as fiber. Without adding in too much sugar or sale. Soda is generally regarded as not being healthy, as it is empty calories and full of sugar. A better alternative would be lemonade, but fresh squeezed lemonade hand made.

Whatever option you choose, anything with lots of vitamins and minerals will be a great choice. Most foods that you can have at a baseball game are certainly going to be healthier than the typical fare offered.

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